The World of DaNar

A key, A book, A choice

Ser Seifer

Entry 2

The Mage, Nathaniel, now has my full attention. Learning that after the incident with the key, he then was caught tinkering around with a soul gem, I now have to watch him for further misuses of magic, possible possession and other be-devilry. The one good thing that came from the mages curiosity, we now have a new direction to explore and secure. The Spire.

The next morning we set out to see what the Spire had to offer and the mysteries that the mage’s vision provided. Being partially collapsed and blocking our path, a few of us assisted the dwarves in clearing the rubble under their precise incite on stonework. There is another drow that I was unaware of that accompanied commander Vitarri . He is sneaky and somewhat stand offish and my new training suggests he is another mage of sorts. Those of us that cleared the rubble were outside the Spire, but somehow when the rubble was cleared, the drow was already inside and sneaking about. I know not what to think of this and if this is normal behavior for him. Exelar Vitarri was not alarmed of his behavior as much as I was. " Was this group always this dysfunctional? Have I gotten myself into another situation where I was not needed, or am unable to help?" Entering the building, I was cautious and on my guard and for good reason.

Upon further exploration, we came to the conclusion that the Spire was some kind of mage academy or mage enclave. All of my skills and new found training would be put to the test and I was unsure if I was prepared enough for what was to come. My suspicions were confirmed about the new drow when he hindered our progress for his own advantage. Nathaniel shed a magic light to illuminate the rooms and as soon as the light was bright the drow cast a shifting darkness in the same area to conceal the light allowing only himself to see clear. “Is he always this selfish or are there other things at work I am unaware of?”

UNDEAD! A sure sign that evil magic was used or contained in this place. Before I could act, the mage Nathaniel entangled five of the undead with a spell. Maybe Nathaniel is not evil, just needs guidance and help. Then the commander showed why he is the Prime of Heironeous. With a few proud boisterous words and a raise of his holy symbol, ten of the undead were turned to dust. I had never seen anything like it. Barely proving I can hold my own in a fight, I only destroyed one before the rest of the party finished them off.

After the undead were cleared and the rooms searched, we confirmed the theory of a mage academy. The next room was opened with the key that I had to “remove” from Nathaniel’s hand the day before. A room full of mage robes and items. Not knowing if these items would do us harm or if in the hands of a mage they would cause trouble I attempted to grab the tome before the mages took it. This turned out more perilous and dangerous for me than I had anticipated. Lightning coursed through my body as I grabbed the tome and what seemed like some kind of spell or essence attempted to enter my mind. My willpower and mage hunting training prepared my mind but the lightning took its toll. Not to be deterred, I attempted again with the same result. My body has been badly damaged by the lightning in the tome but I must continue on.

Nathaniel then did something that I did not see coming but ended up earning my respect. He offered his staff, mage book and ultimately his life should he become possessed or turn from his natural state. I will have to try and be more understanding and cooperative with Nathaniel in the future. Now to press on and continue into the Spire, even with my body as damaged as it is. Creators protect me and guide my hand to do what is right and necessary.



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