The World of DaNar

Demons amongst us and within

Journal entry by Ser Seifer

The bowmen. Who are they really? Why are so many of them willing to follow Kroenen amd not the organization heads? Meiko Sama had informed us of the plans Trask and the others had. Gather at the Cascades. We were not equipped to assault a town as we where, but catch him on the road and we had a chance. After the threat to Nathaniel Brommson from Meiko, i inquired as to “what stylenof fighting Trask and herself were trained in”. She told me of the sword style of the far east and i knew i was ill prepared to face that as i had never seen nor studied it before. As for single combat, i asked if Trask had that much honor to face me in single combat to which she replied, “he has that much pride and confidence”. Much different in my eyes and could be exploted.

At the mention of Honor amongst the bowmen, Exelar Vitarri replied with “the Bowmen have no honor”. Although it was hushed under his breathe, it was still audible to me amd Meiko. This prompted and arguement with Exelar and myself. I don’t understand how a child thinks his actions and words have little consequence when he knows nothing on the topic at hand. His sheltered views, being brought up in a temple and not having the full experience of people of other cultures, is leading him and in turn us down a path that is surely to cause tensions with everyone around him. If he truely felt confidence in appointing me as the General of his armies, he should go back to his books and leave matters of war and conflict to me.

The hunt for Trask has begun. Aboard the airship, we traveled north towards the mountain pass and the Cascades. As we had many hours to pass, I thought my time would be well spent studying and get used to the Thyasian blade. Upon finishing my prayers to Altua to watch over me as i ventured into the unknown, i began wielding the blade. What seemed like seconds passed and i “awoke” to Sorscha in front of me “dancing” and using me as a training partner. I was unaware this had transpired until i asked her what was going on. According to Caleb, i was practising with the blade in such a fluid way, Sorsha decided to utilize that and train herself. However this happened, i was both amazed and a little frightened at the same time.

As night fell, we realized how difficult our mission was. There was no moonlight, no real starlight, and the rain was constant and hindering our vision. Only with the flash of lightning strikes could we see enough to press on. Lights flickered in the distance. Not very many like a town, but more than a traveling party. We dare not risk losing our greatest asset, the airship, this early in the game with Trask. We could not see him or his men, and we did not want to risk being seen if we flew closer to the cascades. Defeated and disappointed, we headed back for Lochaid.

On our way back we crossed over the mountains in order to make better time. In doing so be came upon a great statue carved straight out of the mountain side. A great dragon, with mouth open and claws bared. There seemed to be something else carved on top of the dragon but had since been removed. Between the flashes of lightning we saw what had been removed. Dwarven warriors posed to show defeating to the dragon. The meaning of this is unclear to me but it appears to have ben carved to show a great victory over a dragon by the dwarven people. Perhaps there is more to this.

Finally reaching Lochaid, i had work to do. Men to train and an army to prepare. If I was going to find Trask no matter what, I would need well trained soldiers beside me to complete this task. Only hours had passed while training the men and women soldiers of the Watchmen before a scout had come to me to report of “a group of people heading this way”. Clearly this scout was new or an imbecile because that was all he had to report. He did not know if they were friend or foe, or if they were villagers or soldiers, or even how many. Frustrated, I instructed Caleb to gather the men i placed under his command and ride out with me to investigate. Low and behold they were soldiers from Anglers Cove coming to our aid having heard news from Meiko Sama that Trask was on the march and we meant to take him on. Forty strong they were and i was glad to have them. Already trained and willing to strike out at the bowmen that were ravaging this land. I instructed the captain of the group to find Exelar and report to him and that we would be needing his services very soon.

Barely getting back to training the army, i was interrupted by my companions who informed me that they were going to use the magics in the Spire to try and locate Trask. Even now, in times like this, my companions dabble in magics far to dangerous and unknown. Someone with sense and experience in such things had to keep a wary eye on them. Besides, I wanted to know what that mendacious, leasing-monger, rakefire of a drow was up to. (insert events to follow. Whoever played Seifer please, or Damon)

I met up with Exilar and the others on the edge of Temple Rise and we proceeded apace to the Spire. Hershel informing us along the way of his encounter with Xar’eth’s cousin, one Phazueroth. This just keeps getting better.



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