The World of DaNar

Fire in filth, Righteous fury

Notes of Ser Seifer

Another day waking in the stench of this poverty stricken town. Hoping to move on and find the missing Ironclad, I waiting for the meeting with Boris Cotton. Having some time to kill, I was interested in this temple of Pharasma in the center of the upper city. Apparently a god of the dead, Pharasma is worshiped by Carrion Hill and the Temple was striking. The bones of the dead were bleached and polished and used to decorate the walls of the temple. I had an eerie feeling and did not know how to accept this style of worship. I talked to a cleric of Pharasma for a bit and decided I would return to my companions and learn more later.

Meeting up with the others, it was time to meet Boris Cotton. A man with obvious military training, he was not like the other bowmen I have seen. The fact he agreed to meet with us at all says much for his dislike for the Bowmen for he knew who we were and what he have done. Oddly enough, Exelar Vitarri did not say one word during our meeting. Sorscha and myself did most of the talking. He explained to us the basic structure of the Bowmen and why there was internal struggles. This sounded a lot like the trouble The Watchmen had as Exelar Vitarri had described to me. Ideas and plans were forming in my head. I bounced back between my thoughts and plans and listening to Cotton. I admit I should have paid more attention to the information Cotton was giving, but all I could focus on was how I was going to cripple the Bowmen organization and bring them to their knees.

As we got down to business with Cotton about why we are here and what we wanted, he said he would not give us details and his help unless he did something for him. Apparently someone Cotton cared for deeply was being held prisoner by the Bowmen. The Bowmen had a compound in the city that Sorscha had found earlier. If Cotton was going to help us, we had to rescue this person for him, however we felt. The front door. Head on, Honor on the line and glory as the reward. Luckily Sorscha was not hot headed and knew to cause a distraction so the crows wouldn’t arrest me immediately. Using Nathaniel Brommson and his magic to cast the illusion of a troglodyte attack and setting fire to a part of the slums, we had our distraction. I was to be in a tavern close to the compound with Caleb, and Exelar Vitarri and Sorscha would be in another near by.

The plan was made, time for the pieces to take their place on the board. Let the game begin. Entering the tavern, I noticed there were already 2 Bowmen in here. The Goddess Altua was with me today as luck was on my side. I had two bowmen all to myself before the siege began. Minutes went by, I could barely contain myself. Finally, panic and disarray, the fire and illusion were in place. My turn. As the patrons ran out of the tavern, to my luck the bowmen stayed to drink. Not thinking danger was near or he was in peril, he kept drinking as I approached him. All he got out was a glare and “what do you want?” before I had drawn Black Ice, turned out the fires and opened him chest to hip. As the lights went out the other bowmen and the barkeep went into an alerted state, but not enough to matter. Before Caleb could react I had run Black Ice through the other bowmen. Job completed I felt disgusted that I had ruined this honest working mans business for the night so I left him my entire pouch of gold coins.

Walking outside, the panic and chaos was music to our ears, but my knightly training was under attack. It was not noble and honorable to lie to these people and set building on fire, but for the greater good we had to do it. The fact that I was forced to stoop to this level just to get rid of despicable men angered me. I guess you could say I was enraged, because after I charged the front door of the compound and slew the first bowmen I saw, I don’t remember the rest of the night. My righteous fury had taken hold and I let the gods guide me.



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