The World of DaNar

Into the darkness and out with the light

Journal entry by Ser Seifer

It was damp. The air was wet and heavy. We sat waiting for our signal from Meiko Sama. Six of my companions would be sneaking into The Cascades (Labentem Civitatem) to meet up with meiko’s men and set an ambush from within. Some of us were not so adept in the art of steath and silence. We were heavy warriors of steel and we would be noticeable. Seven of us stayed behind, using the Iron Clad’s airship as a means to infiltrate the compound. I had another plan. Having borrowed a ring form Nathaniel Bronnson, i planned to fall from the airship and insert myself directly into the battle. Falling from so high was a big risk. Death was inevitable if i my timing was not correct. But the advantage it would give me was worth the risk. The waiting was killing me, until it finally came.

The signal was given and Exelar Vitarri and Sorscha lead the men into the cascades. My prayers to Altua finished, i wished them luck in the events that were to come and watched as my companions walked into the darkness hoping this would not be the last i saw them. Hours passed and still no alert or signal from within. This was good. They had breached the walls and were inside, waiting, watching. We needed to wait until the next night before we were to fly into position and ready ourselves for the ambush. This was going to be a long night and morning. I believe this was the first time i was worried about the others. We had separated before but not under such circumstances. This was a battle far bigger and more dangerous than anything we had faced before. Perhaps it was blind rage that allowed me to ignore the stress. Maybe it was faith in those around me. Maybe it was something more, only the gods know.

The night came and we flew into position. Hovering above the keep at the tip of the cascades we surveyed the keep and watched the people in the courtyard. Nothing caught my eye, until one man stood up and spoke to the crowd. It was him. The murdering savage. The one i was going to kill. It was Ivar Trask. I was focused solely on him. My moment was coming. Maybe my companions were ready, maybe not, i did not care at this point. That would ultimately be my death. I heard a pause in the rumble below, and i took the chance and flew. The weightlessness and freedom from the earth was exhilarating. Closer the ground came. Faster, faster, closer, closer. I chose my time and slipped the ring on my finger. The jolt of the magic and poor distance threw me off, but my aim was true.


With a crash of wood and bodies, i landed next to my target, Trask. The chair where i landed was occupied by a headless body that was falling out of it. No doubt my companions were here and ready to fight. My focus went immediately to Trask. With shock and a startled expression on his face, our eyes met. " Ivar Trask! Let us dance." I said as i drew both Black Ice and my Thyasian blade. He was obviously caught off guard because he failed to get to his blade and strike me before i could intercept it with my own sword. Our duel had begun, and we would see who is the better swordsman.

This blade was Thyasian steel, and his armor thick and sturdy. Something was not right. His breastplate had a small hole in it. There was a glimmer of sickly dark light. A stone. A soul stone! It was placed in his chest and glowing. Was he not human anymore? What does this mean? His strength was unmatched. He was faster than me and his sword style was foreign to me. It was all i could do to meet his sword with mine and deflect his blows rather than take them head on. He struck me not once but twice before i landed a blow.


The ring of steel was deafening. Neither sword shattered and we continued to trade blow after blow. I miscalculated and it cost me.


Pain surged through my body as his blade cut deep into my chest. My Thyasian blade got warm in my hand. Then the warmth spread to my chest and the pain stopped. My wounds healed and i felt invigorated. Trask struck hard and now it was his turn to feel my wrath.for-honor-warden-vs-orochi-qhd.jpg

Black Ice hit home and sunk deep into his side. Normally a blow like this would have crippled a man, yet Trasks armor seemed to take most of the damage. My Thyasian blade sunk into the other side of Trask and again, the armor took the hit. Ripping the blades from his body i went for a third strike only to be met with Trasks sword deflecting my own. This man was a monster. Each hit i inflicted, the stone in his chest lit up and glowed for a short duration. Blinded by rage and frustration, i lost control and lost my focus. I needed to be on the defensive, waiting for an opening. I needed to outsmart him and not out class him. My head was clouded. My thoughts ran wild. I needed to stop and think. I needed…….images-1.jpg

Everything went dark. My eyes tunneled. The pain excruciating. He smiled. I was finished. My vision faded to darkness.



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