The World of DaNar

Questions Answered

Journal entry of Exelar Vitarri

Caleb Meckle is alive.

The scroll Hershel found with the Resurrection spell on it worked. While using it I could feel the power of Heironious flow through me, it was unlike anything I had felt before. When I was done there was no doubt if not for scroll the spell would have been well beyond my power, now I am bothered by what will happen when the next of my companions fall.

While the others left to strike out at the Bowmen I was left to ready for a possible attack. My conscience keeps nagging me, was Xar’eth Teken’und a willing partner of the dragon or an unwitting or unwilling one. Nathaniel Bronnson was in the process of gaining control of the Spire before he left but I decided to see if Xar’eth had left anything behind that would answer my questions. Was my attempt to prove a drow could be good the foolish ideas of a child, even though Sorscha, a half-drow, had proven a beacon of order.

If he was deserving of the beheading after his death and the immolation that followed than what should be my punishment for allowing him to join our ranks. Perhaps it best I was left behind, maybe I can get answers to my questions. Making contact with the dragon in the soul gem has gotten easier the longer it has been installed. Finding various papers and items left behind was not hard, so the discovery of a journal was welcome. The answers it contained was not.

The drow was hoping the dragon would help him craft a soul gem to use to unlock the full power of the Spire. Apparently the one thing I did right was keep the dragon gem hidden away. The next few days was a blur as my mind kept going back to every chance I had to stop the drow and now I was questioning my other companions as well. Outside of Sorscha I am in the dark about most of them. Hiroshima Sakai (Hershel) went right along with Xar’eth when he tortured that Bowmen, should I be keeping a closer eye on him? What about Seifer, his appearance coincided with the departure of the Bowmen from Lochaid, should I be questioning his motives about why he is in the Wildlands?

The only thing that shook me from my reverie was the unexpected appearance of a dragon in the skies over the Wildlands. Everybody was on edge but none more so than the dwarves. Word quickly reached us that the dragon was the same that had taken up residence in their former home. Not believing this to be mere coincidence I questioned if placing the dragon gem back into the Spire had been noticed. The dwarves quickly recalled some of the warriors they had stationed in the Rise. Ult seemed torn between stating here where his grandfather sent him and wanting to return in case of an attack.

Nathaniel returned atop a wagon of supplies with injured fighters. Quickly explaining their victorious fight against the Bowmen we than departed to meet with rest of the group. He was joined by Boris Cotton and his daughter Alexandria we had rescued. He had agreed to aid us with the caveat that she would stay at the Rise and be protected. Having to get back aboard the flying skiff was not my first choice but I boarded nonetheless. We rejoined them quickly and the situation was explained, Meiko Sama was going to sneak Nathaniel into the Cascades along with a new a former member of the Watchmen by the name of Lazarus Cain. Apparently he had a skill for killing Bowmen and had agreed to join us for the assault.

Now we sit waiting outside the Cascades waiting for a signal from inside about which gate will let us gain entry. I follow along automatically, my confidence shaken by my earlier discoveries about Xar’eth. We are counting on the word of the Bowmen, which no-one other than me seems to question. Even though I believe this is going to lead to the deaths of many, i can only think that maybe my death will be my punishment for my failure as a leader.



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