The World of DaNar

Return to Three Cedars

Journal entry of Exelar Vitarri


When we arrived at the Spire to find what the map was pointing to I had no idea what to expect, and now that I think we found it I’m still confused. The final words found on the body of Sir Godsblood suggest that the plague that took place all those years ago was more than we first thought. The magical device that was discovered has our new knight companion, Sipher, convinced that something bad is happening back in his homeland but I’m trying to be cautious about misinterpreting visions from a magical device we know nothing about. Between that and other things we have found, the magic is well beyond a power level I’m comfortable experimenting with. The soul gem seems to be the key to working the device but one step at a time.

During a couple of days of blessed quiet we were able to get better situated, and with the vegetables the druid helped us fast track and the stag the hunters brought back we were well fed for the forest time in eons. Unfortunately the peace want not to last as a messenger brought news of Bowmen threatening the town of Three Cedars. Believing the Bowmen to keep their word and not attack Temple Rise a contingent set out to lend aid. Since I was on horseback my arrival was first and found out the situation was dire for these people. Apparently they had attempted to militarize their village under the banner of the Watchmen and the Bowmen, true to their word, were threatening violence in return.

When the rest of my companions arrived we readied for battle, with Hershel setting traps, Sorscha scouting out, and Xar’eth doing….well whatever he does to get ready for battle. I explained to the elders that they could return with us to Temple Rise our risk their numbers in battle, either way we would stand with them. Not wanting to abandon their homes they chose the latter. Expecting them during the night had us standing in the dark listening to the wildlife and wondering how much of a force to expect.

We didn’t have to wait all night for the answer as their footsteps were not hard to detect, especially when one stepped in one of the traps that had been set. The five men that approached had an air of confidence about them, when I introduced myself they recognized me and I think made them hesitate slightly. After informing them of our intentions to aid the villagers and offering them a chance for retreat, which was refused, I drew my sword and battle began. Nathaniel brought forth an illusion that combined with mine and Siphers presence caused most of them to flee, and when Sorscha sprang out of the shadows to attack the remaining Bowmen it felt like we had things well in hand.

Attacks that I have seen fall many men seemed to miss this one though, which caught everyone by surprise. When the wolf-like creatures attacked from the shadows it felt like the tide had turned against us. The knight strode forward as he vocally challenged the leader, and with Xar’eth sniping him from afar the rest of us focused on the new creatures. We finally defeated them, though Farrell fell in the battle. With the villagers feeling good about themselves, another messenger showed up from another village with the same problem, the Bowmen…..



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