The World of DaNar

The Final Stand

Journal entry of Exelar Vitarri

During my excursion across the North Bridge things got out of hand back home, between Shepard spiking heads and Xar’eth torturing prisoners, and left a black mark on Temple Rise. So with our dwarven allies at our back it was time to try and resolve the situation before things get worse. With Olt and Gruendok accompanying me we left the Spire and headed towards Lochaid

Our approach was quickly noticed and an alarm went out. Not wanting to leave my other companions too far behind I stop at the edge of town, giving Hersheland Sorscha a chance to find a good hidden position on our flanks. After only a few minutes a small contingent approached our position led by a small, lithe figure that appeared to be the “Sam” that Hershel told us about. Appearing to hail from the same region that Hershel himself came from she introduced herself as Meiko Sama. With the movement that reminded me of Sorcha and the cold look you would get from Xar’eth I was on my guard.

She asked about the sneak attack from the previous night, which I said I was unplanned by me and a rogue attack. I apologized for the attack on their emissaries, so I came myself to parlay. She stated turning over the remaining Watchmen would help cease hostilities, which I refused, and countered with them leaving us alone and us not killing them. Seeing that we were at an impasse, I offered the return of Immen Khan’s body to show we can be at odds and still be civilized. After a quick inspection to confirm identity we parted ways.

As we approached the Spire a contingent of forces arrived at Lochaid, the reinforcements we had feared. Another roughly 30 armored men, heavy infantry and archers, led by a man on horseback in a mithril and blue dragonhide armor, and surrounded by a smaller group, also mounted, Gruendok says are referred to as The Dervish. He is apparently the Bowmen third in command, Vladimir Kroenen, and judging by the missing hand, eye and the plentiful scars I believe I know how he acquired his armor. Certain we would be meeting soon I acknowledged him from afar and he responded in kind.

Leaving Sorscha and Hershel behind to watch for their approach I went to prepare for the coming battle. As I sent Shepard and the refugees into the temple, the weather must have sensed what was to come because a massive thunderstorm arrived ushering in nightfall. With everybody on edge, Hershel transforming from bat form was quite unexpected, unlike the news of the enemies approach. Sorscha arrived shortly after and I sent Ferrell to inform Shepard the time had come to lock everybody into the temple. Activating the temples latent defenses and using daylight on the main bridge, which surprisingly also transferred to the north bridge, was the last things done in preparation. As the light washed outward it revealed the enemy commander and “The Dervish” sitting in the road and watching us, how they approached unheard was unsettling. Seeing the line of torches that appeared marching up the road behind them, like a long fire snake, was even more unsettling. torches-dave-donaldson.jpg

The leader approached and I met him on the middle of the bridge. After introductions were made he seemed very business like and spoke in a Vilholman accent. He informed me as a problem solver we were a problem he needed to solve, the amount of men and resources lost has become too large to ignore. His solution is to no longer use any to acquire what is essentially the ruins of two towns they never wanted and the death of the remaining Watchmen. They are leaving Lochaid and taking some of the supplies from the captured refugees. As long as we stay in Lochaid and Temple Rise we will be left alone, travel in and out would be at our own risk and any Watchmen outside of here would be killed on sight.

Before his departure he wanted to repay the gesture I made by returning Immen Khan’s body, stating that Idris Khan was very fond of his “Stiefbrüder”, a Vilholman term that Nathaniel later informed me meant step-brother, but in his native Vilholm could also mean blood-brother, half-brother, or adopted brother. Kroenen had a Dervish bring forth a hooded, gaunt, and hunched over figure and said this made us even. With a motion his men vanished, torches and all, and he departed.

The final shock of the night was when the unmasked man was Cutter, though Hershel didn’t kill him, the poison has devastated him physically. Where we go from here will be interesting indeed…



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