The World of DaNar

The Fires of War

Journal entry by Ser Seifer

The air was silent and we all stood still. Hershal was standing beside the body of Xar’eth Teken’und. This sat heavy with me for some reason. Although he was sneaky and deceptive, he always had an air of plans within plans. Somehow i was convinced that this slimey piece of drow filth was still helping us. That is until the spire and his remains were searched.

Hershel was still not satisfied with his kill as the body was regenerating, so he cut off the head and kicked it down the hillside. I asked him if he “thought that was a bit excessive?” To which he replied with a sharp and to the point “NO!” And simply walked away. As i knelt beside the corpse, i said a prayer to my lady Altua to guide and watch this honorless warrior, i began to search the body. The drow had all manner of magical items on his person. All of which i wanted nothing to do with. As i pulled back his robes, i saw a black skin tight substance that was attached to his body. I had a notion that this was something of dark and sinister origin so i began to peel it off his body for fear of what it could do left on him.

Having asked the young brash paladin “if all this was enough proof?” I walked down to Lochaid to prepare my men for the mission ahead of us. The forty soldiers from Anglers Cove and myself were preparing to strike at a Bowmen encampment near Hemlock Field. Hershel and Sorscha had plans of their own scouting ahead of the force and giving us a better idea of what was ahead of us.

The next morning we set out. The army, Nathaniel and myself on foot to Hemlock Field, and Sorscha and Hershel in the Iron Clads’ skiff with a few passengers bound for Polga. It would take us two days on foot to reach Hemlock Field and the Bowmen encampment. The first night we arrived at Three Cedars and the men were obviously disturbed and outraged at what the Bowmen, Trask’s Bowmen more to the point, had done to this land. I felt it necessary to address the men in hopes of building moral and lifting their spirits. It worked. I was never much of a public speaker nor a leader but they seemed to appreciate me and look up to me even though i was a foreigner to this land. That night however, we heard a more disturbing and frightening presence.

Above the mountains, a dark firgure with great wings and a bone chilling shriek flew through the air. It was no doubt the dragon of the mountain. This being my first time seeing or hearing it i was surprised and taken aback. I hoped that we would never cross paths with such a terrifying beast. We needed to rest and be ready for the battle the next day but none of the men could rest easy after such an event.

The morning broke and we set out to find out foe and meet up with the scouting party. As Hemlock Field came into view, Nathaniel and I noticed a group of Bowmen, around seven strong, gathering and scavenging supplies from the houses of Hemlock Field. They could not be allowed to return to the camp and alert the rest of the Bowmen. We needed to stop them now and quickly. As i strode forth on my horse, a fire blast skimmed over my shoulder and impacted in the very center of the group. Limbs and bodies and splinters of wood and dirt exploded into the air. The mage was clumsy with his magic but he is getting more focus and more control. He is still impressive to watch at times, even though i have a few scars from his lack of focus. As i charged into the dust and debris, one lone Bowmen tried to rise to his feet to confront the thing that had destroyed his friends only to catch a glimpse of metal as my blade cut into his chest and dropped him.

Having already gathered the supplies and put them on a wagon, i decided to bring the cart along and gather what we could from the bowmen camp as well. The people of Lochaid could use all we could gather. It would be nightfall before we got to the camp and we needed to meet up with Sorsha and Hershel.

The report from Sorsha was thay of a simply camp of tents and a central gathering table for meals. She estimated around thirty or so men and no watch towers. This was going to be easier then expected. Most of the Anglers Cove soldiers were more skilled in archery than with sword, so i split them up and made a tactical plan to use Sorsha on one flank and Hershel on the other, each supported by archers, while Captain Aldarren, myself, and the foot soldiers charged up the footpath as a distraction. Hershel said to wait for a signal. If i know anything about that crafty scout, he is anything but subtle.

The signal, no the explosion, went off followed by another and seconds later another. The camp was already partially on fire and tents destroyed as we ran down the path. They were not expecting any attack and as such it was won too easily. I had cut down two men on my way to the center of the encampment hoping to entice the commander of this force, Maz, into combat. Little did i know, Sorsha had already captured the man and stood staring at me while i voiced my challenge to the Bowmen. She does love watching me make a fool of myself.

The battle was won. No casualties on own part and 4 prisoners including Maz. I sat down with Maz to talk man to man. The discussion did not go as i had hoped as he was not scared of what we were doing and only said that they “found it” whatever it was that the head Bowmen were looking for. This set me back a bit as i was not ready to hear that information. We are just now in a position to defend the people and here the Bowmen increase their power yet again. Further questioning was halted as he smashed his own head against a rock and took his live. Such devotion to a cause. It is noble and admirable, but the cause they follow is one i must stop none the less. The other prisoners needed to be dealt with as we are not equipped for prisoner transfer. One demanded trial by combat which Wulfgar dispatched with simplicity and ferocity. The other two, boys really, asked for servant duty. Seeing as their know little of a life outside the Bowmen, i took them as squires, hoping to influence the boys to a better future.

Now, we gather the supplies, send the wounded back with the cart to Lochaid, and march on to Anglers Cove. Sorsha and Hershel overheard news from the bowmen in the camp of a plot to kill Kroenen and Mieko. Meiko Sama was apparently in Anglers Cove. Time for another visit. Let us hope it goes as well as the last.



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