Loren Owen's Puzzle Box

Oriental Puzzle Box


The puzzle box Loren’s father brought him back from one of his trips to a port city called Jitaat. In the years since, Loren has come to believe that it comes from the Hakone Region in the distant land of Shu’ul, a land of legend and known to scholars for exotic animals, materials and intricate puzzles, traps and art of both the mundane and arcane varieties.

This particular puzzle box, or Himiksu-Bako as he believes it is called, has at least 9 different forms known to Loren (sages have dubbed this rarity a “Polyhedron Progenies”) and each form has a unique power that can be used. He knows that the more difficult the form the more potent the power and the more energy of the box that it uses and the box only has so much power each day.

What this translates into in game terms is that the box has 10 charges, the more potent the power the more charges it uses and the longer it takes to activate the power (time it takes to put the puzzle box into that form). It has a default form, whenever a power is used it immediately reverts to this form, if it is activated to another form but the power is not used by the end of the 2nd round after being formed it reverts to its default form. The forms and their powers are as follows:

Form 1 (Pulsar diamond): This is its default form. In this form it can be activated to give off light as a torch, it will last 3 hours or until the user dispels it. Activated as a standard action. 1 Charge.

Form 2 (Square with pictures of a jungle): Power – Hide from animals, it will last 10 minutes or until dispelled. Activated as a standard action. 2 charges.

Form 3 (Square with pictures of keyholes): Power – Unlocks one lock up to very difficult, instantaneous. Activated as a move action. 3 charges.

Form 4 (Square with pictures of a cheetah running across a savannah): Power – Haste, lasts 4 rounds. Activated as a full round action. 4 charges.

Form 5 (Square with pictures of a ship at sea): Power – Water Breathing, lasts 10 rounds. Activated as full round action. 5 charges.

Form 6 (Pyramid with pictures of open eyes): Power – Low Light Vision, Darkvision 120’,and Tremor Sense, lasts 10 rounds. Activation see below. 6 charges.

Form 7 (Trapezoid with runes): Power – Produce oriental music that gives a +2 moral bonus to all allies’ attack, damage and save rolls within 30’ and a –2 to all enemies within 30’, lasts 10 rounds. Activation see below. 7 charges.

Form 8 (Trapezoid with picture of warrior): Power – Summons a 3rd level Samurai to fight for the possessor, lasts 10 rounds or until killed. Activation see below. 8 charges.

Form 9 (Hexagonal polyhedron with pictures of closed eyes): Power – Makes the possessor invisible while allowing them to see any and all other invisible or ethereal creatures within 30’, lasts 10 rounds or until possessor attacks. Activation see below. 9 charges.

When first using the puzzle box the possessor must make an intelligence check to unlock each form, the DC being 15 plus the forms number (i.e. the DC for Form 2 would be 17, Form 9 would be 24). Form 1, being the default form, does not require a check to unlock the form but instead to activate the power. No form can be unlocked until the possessor first unlocks how to activate the power for Form 1, from that point on each time the possessor unlocks a form the puzzle box automatically imbues the person (or creature) with the knowledge to activate that forms power. The forms must be unlocked by the user in order. If the possessor makes the DC to unlock the form it takes the standard time for activation of that form. If they fail the DC it takes a number of minutes equal to the forms number times 10 (i.e. failure for Form 6 would mean it takes 6×10=60 minutes). After the first 10 successes (they don’t need to be consecutive) that the possessor makes for a form they no longer have to make checks for that form, they are considered to have mastered it. Standard activation time for the first 5 forms is as noted, but for forms 6 through 10 the standard activation time is a number of rounds equal to the possessors intelligence modifier subtracted from the form number, minimum 1 round. One charge can be expended as a free action to shorten the time by 1 round (to a minimum of 1 round) but only after the possessor has mastered that form.

Since Loren has had this puzzle box since childhood he is presumed to have mastered forms 1 through 9. He has, over time, come to the suspicion that there is in fact a 10th form, but has as of yet not been able to figure it out. He believes that there must be a clue or key that is not on the puzzle box that is needed to unlock the 10th form, but he is not certain.


Loren Owen's Puzzle Box

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