The sword of Taggartius, 1st Centurion of Rot Recht Legion of The Red Knight

weapon (melee)


In the hands of any non-paladin, this sword performs as a +3 large holy great sword. In the hands of a paladin or Taggartius, 1st Centurion of Rot Recht Legion of the Red Knight, this weapon functions as +7 large great sword of holy power and grants a +5 sacred bonus on the wielders saving throws against spells with the evil descriptor or spells cast by evil characters. If the paladin (or Taggartius) smites with Warfang, he adds twice his level to damage (rather than his level). Also has the throwing and returning properties at a range of 10 feet and is Keen.

The sword also bestows Taggartius with blind sight and tremor sense while wielding Warfang.

Scabbard: Warfang’s scabbard fully cleans and sharpens any blade that is sheathed within it. It will also draw the blade instantaneously from the scabbard into the hand of Taggartius upon the command of “Tevor”, and return the sword to the scabbard with the command of “Pax” as long as the sword is within 60’ of the scabbard and wearer. Upon the command of “der rote Ritter” the scabbard will cast heal upon the wearer once a day.

Holy Power = Upon a successful hit it deals +3d6 points of bonus holy damage to evil targets and the target gains one negative level (Fortitude DC 25 to remove 24 hours later). On a successful critical hit it instead deals
+9d6 and three negative levels.

Physical description: Red Steel blade (functions like adamantine) with blood groove inscribed with runes down the groove, Mithril cross-guard with name of first centurion along it in celestial, hilt with unicorn horn with the symbol of the Red Knight embossed on both sides inlaid with ruby and a star ruby pommel. The scabbard is made out of ruby with the symbol of the Red Lady and the Rot Recht Legion etched upon either side, capped with sapphire and rimmed with cold iron.



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