Tag: Carrion Hill


  • The Ruin in the Boil

    *Crows in the Duck* We made our way back into the stinking filth of the Boil with our new companion in tow. The pouch of rice I had given her was stuffed, uneaten, in her pack. Odd. Back home, cats would go crazy for __onigiri__... Or maybe those …

  • Allistair Brandle

    Allistair Brandle is a strong Bowmen sympathizer on the Carrion Hill City Council. He is allied with Torin Bracken, a captain of The Crows. He is dishonest and self serving. [[File:850760 | class=media-item-align-center | 250x399px | …

  • Helm Trueanvil

    Helm Trueanvil is a weapon and armor smith and a merchant who was originally from Brunswick. He was driven out of that kingdom 9 years ago by Grand Incarum Terojin Nightstar. Helm was a true supporter of Queen Elandra.