House Rules


House Rules

Max HP @ first level

Paladins are a prestige class, using the version from Unearthed Arcana

Character Points:
Begin with 1 point per character level. Gain an additional point whenever you gain a level.
Point usage:
1 pt: Re-roll an attack, save, or skill check; max use 3 points/round
5 pts: Buy a skill rank (up to normal max)
8 pts: Buy a feat
10 pts: Buy an ability point increase
10 pts: Full skill respec (re-allocate all skill ranks)

Identify Spell: Allows you to ID 1 item per plus of your primary casting stat

Dodge Feat: Applies a +1 dodge bonus to AC against all enemies

Character Skills:
Class skills that you gain from multi-classing are always considered class skills when determining point costs. This is true even if the skill is not on the list for the class that the skill points come from.

Crafting Specializations: If a skill has an available specialization, the ranks in the base skill are added to those in the specialized skill to determine total ranks when crafting an appropriate item. For making items outside the specialization, only the ranks in the base skill are used. At least 1 rank in the base skill must be taken before adding ranks to the specialization skill.

Alchemy (Poison)
Blacksmithing (Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing)
Woodworking (Bowyer, Instruments)

Critical Death: If you roll a natural 20 to hit and to confirm the critical hit, roll again. If the third roll would also hit, the enemy is killed outright. In certain situations, the DM may rule that the hit does max possible damage, instead (colossal size differences, magical protections, critical immunity, etc.).

0-Level spells – cantrips and orisons – are cast like any other spell. However, unlike other spells, they are not expended when cast and may be used again. Prepared casters use their readied spells for the day and spontaneous casters use their spells known.

House Rules

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