The Principalities of Gilder


Das Kargat removing a political rival of Vilholm’s from Gilder

The Principalities of Gilder

Capital: The City of Gilder
Population: 1,047,800 (humans 85%, half elves 10%, elves 4%)
Government: Monarchy/Council of Princes
Religions: Standard
Imports: Ivory, Spices, Textiles, Weapons
Exports: Ale, Books, Carved Ivory, Food, Fruit, Glass, Grain, Hides, Jewelry, Timber, Vegetables
Alignment: LG, LN, NG, N, CG

A little more than three hundred years ago the region of the Principalities was a small Kingdom called Gilder, ruled by King Gowen the Fierce. Upon his death the kingdom was split in two each part going to one of the princes to call their own kingdom. It further split between their children upon their deaths, and the same with their deaths and so on. It became a region of small principalities that warred with each other to expand their borders going back and forth, conquering each other only to be split again upon the rulers death.

So it went until four principalities became dominant and the custom of splitting the fiefdoms between all the male heirs ended. It stayed that way for about 100 years, until 100 years ago the Prince of Gilder, Prince Maximillion I, united through both diplomacy and force the four domains into one nation under his rule; The Principalites of Gilder.

The Prince of Gilder would henceforth be the Jauhquin (ha-quin), or King-Prince, ruling over them all with the help of the Council of Princes made up of the other princes. In the last 100 years the Principalities have known great prosperity. They have expanded their borders inland and to the great lake of Whyestil. They built the city of Floren on the shores of that lake 35 years ago and created a fifth principality named for that city. The King-Prince’s youngest son, Prince Horace, and his descendants were made prince of that city. The current King-Prince is Maximillion the V.

The Principalities of Gilder

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