The Ruin of Thyatis


The Ruin of Thyatis (The Thyatian Fall)

“The Thyatian Ruin” is a term used by academics who are specialists in ancient history. It refers to the area in which the heart of the fallen empire of Thyatis resided in a previous epoch. This region corresponds with the boundaries of what is now known as, “The Wildlands”.

Thyatis fell because of a number of reasons: Incursions by barbarian humanoids, plague, war, internal strife, natural disaster, and decadence. The empire’s power waned greatly over its last 100 or so years, brought about by decadence of its rulers and softening of its people.

It could be said that the true catalyst for its downslide was the internal strife between some of its ruling family and generals, none greater than the 5 years civil war between the sitting Emperor Eshilmagne the Just and his cousin Ashoka the Pretender. Ashoka would not have been able to mount any kind of true bid for the crown had it not been for the great general Qahila Ubalidawn. The war cost the empire a great deal in not just money, but crops, lives (both civilian and military) and depleted the military of a great many of its veteran fighters and two of its greatest generals: Ubalidawn, and Omar Maarimoon who fought for the Emperor Eshilmagne. Shortly after the end of the war, the empire was preyed upon by barbarian humanoids from the East, most notably the legendary Vourasche.

Another doom was the rise in followers of the Old Ones, or Choas Cults. The most powerful of which managed to insinuate itself into the aristocracy, was The Mandari also known as the Cult of Tentacles. It was headed by an elusive leader named “The Eye”. The Eye turned out to be the emperors uncle, Vesaago. This cult did the most damage from within. In the centuries that have passed, it’s remnants have spawned countless other Chaos Cults including: The Keepers of the Old Ones, The Kith, Infardi, Shriven, The Serpent Lodge, Sons of Sek, The Stigmartus, The Unbound, Vashaan and others. When Vesaago was found out and tracked down by the imperial guard, 50 of his followers sacrificed themselves to protect him as he finished a ritual and called down a curse upon his nephew and the empire. Hence began “The Plague”.

“The plague” struck the emperor first and seemed to spread out from the capital. Only certain people were struck, but it was devastating as the disease rapidly turned it’s victims into mindless, violent, cannibals.

Then there was the war. The empires neighbor and rival country, seeing the woes of Thyatis, took them as an opportunity and invaded. This war lasted the final 2 years of what could be honestly called the Thyatian Empires existence as not much in the way of anything organized lasted of the empire beyond this point. As the empires enemies won battle after battle and approached the Thyatian capitol, Mounts Kilgore, Blacktail, and Caxias do Sul violently erupted… simultaneously. The Thyatian Capitol, and the invading armies, were whiped from the face of DaNar.

The Ruin of Thyatis

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