The Scarlet Spire


The Scarlet Spire was a ruin when discovered by Exelar Vitarri and his companions in the year of 392 C.E.. The ruin was located approximately 400 feet south of the ruin of Temple Rise and 1200 feet up the old road from the Ruins of Lochaid.

After Exelar and the refugees took over Temple Rise, The Scarlet Spire was the scene of a number of run ins with The Bowmen and the launching point for a few incursions into Lochaid against The Bowmen.

After the the final confrontation with The Bowmen at The Rise, Exelar and his band set about exploring Lochaid and The Spire further. An item found on a dead Bowmen under a collapsed building in Lochaid by the mage Nathaniel, caused a bit of concern and the group went to investigate The Spire, believing they may have missed something.

Upon further investigation they discovered the entrance to an inner sanctum in the lower levels of The Spire.



The Scarlet Spire

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