The Wildlands


The Wildlands

The approximately 4.5 million square mile wilderness area stretching from the frontier of the Small Kingdoms in the south some 2,500 miles along the North-West Coast of Princiterra to The Great Desert of A’rahas in the north, and reaching 1,800 miles inland (more in some places, less in others). It is a sparsely populated, mountainous region principally made up of conifer and rain forests, with large sections of old growth woods many of which are colossal Redwoods. The Wildlands also make the entire Southern border of Malakmaar, which lies east of The Great Desert of A’rahas.

Though sparsely populated with few settlements larger than a thorp, the presence of “The Old Road” (a paved road of ancient origin at various states of ruin along its estimated 6,000 mile length) and frequent ruins, hints at the existence of some ancient civilization eons in the past. Many sages believe the name of this civilization to be The Thyatian Empire.

While all but forgotten in contemporary times the region boasts the most abundant supply of Ghost Star Rubies and the only region known to have Thyatian Sapphires and Emeralds, all three of which are said to add more power to spells that require the regular version of these gemstones, and are said to be more easily turned into Soulstones. In short, these gemstones are said to take to magical energies more readily and are therefore prized by magic-users and craftsmen of magical items.

Settlements and Locations of The Ruin:
Carrion Hill
Graham Homestead
Hemlock Field
Ruins of Lochaid
Ravens Rookery
Scarlet Spire
The Cascades (Labentem Civitatem)
Three Cedars

People and organizations of The Wildlands:
The Thyani
The Watchmen

Thyatian Ruin
Thyatian Steel

The Wildlands

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