Capital: Stöttenhelm
Population: 1,258,678 (humans 85%, half-elves 8%, elves 5%, dwarves 2%) – pre-war
Government: Military (Martial Civics)
Religions: Predominantly The Red Knight, other common Princeterra gods
Imports: Furs, textiles, coal
Exports: Armor, steel, food, mercenaries
Alignment: LG, LN, NG, NN

Unified about 495 years ago into a nation state by Gundahar, the first Kaiser of Unified Vilholm. What is now known as Vilholm was originally “a conglomerate, an assemblage of a number of once separate and independent… gentes [peoples] and regna [kingdoms].”1. The nation benefits from hard working citizens, and an advantageous location. Vilholm is a civilized land surrounded by mountians, forests, and settlements of evil humanoids. Known for its well-trained military and its active group of government-sanctioned War-Mages, Vilholm boasts fine food, honest people, strange mysteries, and abundant contacts with other parts of the world.

The country is very militaristic due to its position surrounded by hostile humanoids. Warriors are the most respected class, and in fact the ruling class. After unification the nation was a feudal system with a Kaiser as its leader for about 422 years, but after years of in-fighting and civil war that risked causing their defeat at the hands of the humanoids that boarder them, the military (with the help of two noble houses) deposed the Kaiser and the noble families, removing them from power and invoking martial law. The government has been a martial one mixed with aspects of civic governing ever since ruled by the Chancellor General who is elected by the Council of Generals.

Recently challenged by treacherous noble families trying to reinstate the aristocracy, “The Horde” (armies of humanoids, notably orcs, from The Badlands united by Ioti), famine, and the assasination of its beloved Chancellor General, the Vilholm Military Remnant is struggling to maintain its holdings and reunite the country. With more than one of its cities in ruins or under siege and great numbers of evil humanoids still occupying much of the countryside, this nation is in need of resourceful individuals willing to defend the government and confront its enemies. Individuals such as the now famous “die roten Wächter” group.

VIlholm Pre Reformation

Ar’Kataan, The Great Library
Gedding Gaol (Drakkenmire Prison)
Greater Sachsen
Outpost Echo
Stottenhelm Thieves Guild

Vilholman Archives

1“der Anfang” [The Beginning], by Accurrides Ströhm circa 103 C.E.


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