Adventure. Intrigue. War… An evil grows.


Current Year:

393 C.E.

Vilholm Campaign | Wildlands Campaign

“Came a thousand miles for a damn saddle and half a pair of boots. There better be a very grateful horse with a very grateful, one legged hero on its back when we get home.” - Von Panzer Heinrich Dressler regarding his view of the success of Loren Owen’s expedition to find the “Items of Redhelm”.


"It was night, but I saw, or did I sense, more than just the usual darkness as I approached. A blackness within the darkness of night, lingering, hovering, no… looming, off to the side. I dismissed it as folly and continued to advance.

It was not nothing I sensed, for nothing is nothing, but this was something, something in the night because now it was beside me where before it had been elsewhere. I peered into the field to my side and the blackness gazed back. There was an abyss of presence, blacker than black, a conscious gloom dwelling within, yet beyond my sight, breathing with a malevolent sentience I could not fathom in the sheer suffocating malice that radiated from that field. An unbidden chuckle escaped my lips, born of fear not of mirth.

I froze. I thought for a moment of ignoring it, pretending I did not sense it and continuing on, but that was futility. There was no ignoring it, and worse… it saw me, this bleakness within blackness whatever it was, and it knew I sensed IT, for there was no evading such a presence.

I backed away, ever gazing into the void, to no avail for it glared back, and I felt scrutinized by the presence of a baleful woe. I backed up, crawled under a canopy and into its rafters, never taking my eyes from the field, from the gloom that lingered within it, the void which looked back. It SAW me. It looked through me and into the deepest region of my soul, infusing it with fear, and taking hold as if it was already there, in the nooks of its depths, in every crevice and fissure. It consumed my gaze and reached into me as effortlessly as one jumps into a clear, cool pool on a sultry day, as if it looked into my eyes and through me right to my core.

I have known fear, for I know death and have felt the vile, haunting, scrutiny of its darker sibling."
— Excerpt from, " Roads of Light, Trails of Gloom: A Travelers Guide From Valitaine to Vilholm " by Julio Marcus

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