The World of DaNar

An Escape. New Threats.


A tagnik’zur. A real one, unfortunately, and not a spell-spawned illusion. After eliminating the priestess, Hershel and myself were in a cavern spur with no other exit.

We were dead. And this freed up our options.

I gambled on the deep serpent’s nature and engaged it in conversation. Beginning with flattery, I was able to convince it to call off tentacled creatures. Though oddly, it said that it could only restrain them a short time. Talking only distracted the creature for moments and I wasn’t able able to obtain useful information from it. As the held creatures began to break free, the dragon suggested that we walk out to waterfall pool to speak with its ally and “bring us in alignment”. Knowing that it could compel us, and seeing an opportunity opening, I quietly signaled to Hershel and we walked out willingly.

As we walked out, the tagnik’zur confirmed the fear I had when we first came back to these caverns the nature of its ally. The serpent was working with a zhuanth’uss, a race of old ones that surfacers call an aboleth. It could be seen lurking in the pool as we approached. Unexpectedly, several of our companions already ringed the pool ledge as we approached, including the Xeroth and the warrior and wizard cousins. Apparently they had set off from Temple Rise shortly after we did.

If we had a chance to escape and retain our sanity, it was now. Once we had taken up positions, I locked gaze with each of the others…and ran. All of us took flight. With my training, I pulled ahead. When there was enough blocking the view of the pool cavern, I ducked into a side passage and waited for the others to pass.

Everyone save Xeroth had gone by when I heard an utterance of Dark Speech, accompanied by a blast of power. Then. a dragon’s angry roar and a scream. The warlock stumbled into the corridor, flayed open and bleeding out from great raking wounds. Taking the chance, I ran up, forced a healing potion on him to keep him alive, and dragged him out of the cavern.

We encountered the old woman on the raid again on the way back. Though I still do not trust her, I could not leave my wounded allies there on the chance that my suspicions were correct. After several “fate readings”, we continued on to Three Cedars and Lochaid.

Lochaid is now a closer threat. We had to give the ruins a wider berth, as Bowmen and mercenaries in their employ are now occupying it in force. I did not see Cutter, whose blade I still have, but I know he was there. We need to decide how to deal with them and so soon, before we are overrun. We made it back to the Spire and Temple Rise quietly, more aware of our precarious position in these lands.



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