The World of DaNar

Cedars, Lifts, and Goblins



The surface continues to be…interesting. After the light-blasted waste that was Arahas, the limitless sea that cracked the Valkyrie, and the greenery covered gullies and hills, I’m now residing in a half-collapsed village with a magic bridge and half-starved refugees. But it hasn’t been boring.

The village, referred to as Temple Rise, turns out to have been run by a priesthood. Little reminder of home. Following Exelar’s lead, we struck out to make contact with a nearby village of one of the refugees. In trade for supporting our position and reforming a defunct militia group call the Watchmen, this village, Three Cedars, requested our aid against goblin raiders.

Living in a cavern complex nearby, the goblins were no trouble, lower creatures that they are. But there were a couple of surprises. The first was an ogre calling itself Balk. The goblins had it chained up, operating a lift into the upper complex. Once it…he… was freed, he decided he’d follow me as the newest master. Which leads to the other surprise: the drow in control of the goblinoids.

I managed to stay unseen by what I assume to have been a yathrin. Although I’m far from home, I still refuse to take chances with them. While Exelar confronted her, I took on their slaver and freed a group of captives. With the drow driven off, as a group we were too damaged and left hastily before fully searching the area. And yes, the ogre came with us when we left.

My thoughts now dwell on the drow in the caverns and their connection to the fahliell that has joined us. He claims that she was a scion of an opposing family. And that his purpose here is to seek advantage for his own house after theirs gained advantage and humbled his. Exelar accepts him, so I must follow his guidance. Pragmatism demands attention to him.

Oh, and on one of our passes through the abandoned village called Lochaid, we encountered a group of mercenaries who we assume are working for the Bowmen. We took wounds, but I humbled their leader and took his vain weapon. I expect to see him again.

Now, we need to go back to those caverns and find out what threats might array against us from the Long Dark.


Very well done, I really like the journal entry.

Cedars, Lifts, and Goblins

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