The World of DaNar

The Spire

The Spire, once laid in ruins has now been remade. A gift from the old woman in the wagon. This place still holds magic yet known, you can feel the power as you walk the empty halls. The Scarlet Spire as it once was called is now mine. As it’s secrets shall be. I’m slowly coming to understand how some of that magic works. There are something’s that I have not been able to access as of yet but soon.

I have already found a family member who was wandering lost on the surface. My cousin Nief"thel, has been looking for me and for a place to stay. I have given him a safe place to stay. His presence has been found out by the others and they are not happy. After a conversation with Exalar that did not go unwell, I was forced to vouch for him. These surface dwellers are very trusting. That trust could be their undoing. From this place my power will grow, as that power grows so will the people who come to seek shelter and their own slice of power.

My cousin, @ @ @@@@@ @ @@@@ @@@@@@ will help me unlock the power of the @@@@@@@. With the use of the @@@@ @@@@ that he will help my create. Once we have created these pieces and used them to harness the power of this Spire the center of power will shift in this region. The old woman was right if I cannot save my family, I will create a new family on the surface. this family will spread like a shadow over the land. I have already helped the human called Herchel cast aside the shackle of morality. As I begin to @@@@@@ Exalar and his thinking lends itself to my cause, he will make an excellent @@@@@@@.

If they knew @ @ @@@@@ really was they would run in @@@@. Keeping him in check until i can use a @@@@ @ on him will be key. I cannot let his eagerness to @@@@ these mortals over shadow or goal. Only time will tell how all this unfolds. They have yet to see my true power. That nut the Knight will be a problem once he see’s my true power. My only hope is that Trask can remove @ @@@@ from @ @@@@@@@@@.


AHAHAHAHAHA. YES! See! SEIFER ISN’T CRAZY. but since no ome believes him, the drow will probably “remove” me from his plan lol. Love this.

The Spire

" I have already helped the human called Herchel cast aside the shackle of morality." Holy Hell, smh. lol

The Spire

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