The World of DaNar

The New Watchmen are Born

Journal entry by Ser Seifer

Finally we are all reunited back at Temple Rise. After about a week of being away, much had changed and there was much to discuss with Exelar. Because Three Cedars was burned to the ground and it’s surviving villagers without refuge, we had to take them in. Lochaid had become our own settlement built on the backs of the refugees and the blood of the Watchmen. Plans needed to be made and actions must be take to insure that these people are protected and they are allowed to live peacefully.

Commander Exelar was overwhelmed by the number of people that had urgent news and urgent matters to discuss with him. Sorscha was the first to notice this and before i could think of a plan she had placed herself between Exelar and the Elders from Three Cedars and had lead them away, talking with them about what their needs were and how we all could help. I am surprised by her more and more. She is nothing like her kin from my previous encounters with them. The skulking Xar’eth is more the type and to this day something bothers me about him. Sorscha however intrigues me. There is more to her than meets the eye i think.

After i had time to put own new "prisoner " in his cell, words were exchanged between Exelar and Hershel. Nothing seemed out of place to me, until Exelar and Hershel had a private meeting in the temple and upon returning, Exelar seemed to have questions. For whom i did not know. The moments that followed were reports given to Exelar about what had transpired while he was away from us. I had to show him the Thyatian blade i had acquired. It needed to be studied and i needed answers as to the power it holds.

As Exelar prayed and focused over the blade, he must have seen or heard something, for as he awoke from his trance he looked puzzled and a bit nervous. He must have seen the same nightmare we had about the horror from beyond coming into this world. As he returned the blade he asked for the second gem we gathered from the troglodyte shaman.

He did the same with the gem as he did with the sword, except this did not go the same way. Instantly his body stiffened, and clouded ice began to creep down his arm from his hand holding the stone. Hoping to break his connection to the stone i jumped forward and attempted to knock the stone from his grip. In doing so, a force erupted from the stone throwing me across the room and through a number of chapel pews. Gathering my wits and trying to stand up, Exelar had regained his composer and removed the stone from his hand. Whatever this gems are, they are dangerous and have extreme power. I must be vigilant.

Our next plan of action was to head to Polga to met Meiko Sama. I had arranged this meeting with the bowmen i had met on the road from Three Cedars to Lochaid. Kroenen seems more honor bound than many i have met here in the Wildlands. Even more so than some of my traveling companions. Before we gathered to leave, one of the original Watchmen Grundock, stopped us and gave a speech about how some of the villagers had pledged oaths of service to the Watchmen and that they needed officers. Commander Exelar then said he had a few of us in mind if we would pledge service to the Watchmen. Caleb without hesitation stepped forward and said he more than ready to join. Exelar then turned to me and said he wanted me to be the general of the army. My first thought was “what army? We don’t have one!” But he continued by saying that he was not experienced in training and leading a force but i was. In truth, i was a royal guard. Maybe ten men to my company. I was not a leader of troops either. But training i have done quite a lot of in my one hundred years as a knight of Brunswick. I had questions, doubts, issues that needed to be resolved before taking on this task. Is this where my lady Altua has lead me? Was this my purpose after the loss of my queen and kingdom to a tyrant? Could i truly help these people here instead of my own countrymen? We debated the past history of the Watchmen and how it failed as an organization due to infighting and lack of faith and honor. Exelar assured me that the New Watchmen would be better and more than the Watchmen of old. With that i pledged my sword and my life to Commander Exelar and his cause. I would see this through.

It was time to leave to meet with Meiko. We all boarded the airship, except for Hershel, who stayed behind to take care of something before he met up with us. He is a mystery to me, but he did save my life from that tentacled horror. Sailing through the air on a skiff is a feeling i will never grow tired of. Never before could i imagine something like this existing, but i digress. We arrived early the next morning and waited for the Bowmen to arrive. I was anxious and nervous. Had i been tricked? Was this just a trap to isolate us and finish us off? I wasn’t about to be caught off guard so i prepared my gear and readied my sword and shield.

Out of the fog they came. Mieko Sama and the Bowmen were here. Tensions were high and as we conversed, things would only get worse before they got better. Upon mention of Boris Cotton and the rescue mission, we miscommunicated some how by not understanding her intentions. Boris’s daughter being safe with Boris was of great concern to her. After that near collapse, yet again the mage Nathaniel was too eager to use his arcane power and almost caused a fight. Granted his intentions were noble and wanted to show visual of the atrocities Trask has done, Meiko was on him in an instant and by luck or divine grace, she let slip that she and trask were trained in the same combat style. Perhaps she could help me learn my enemy. As talks slowed down, she looked at me and told me, " the path you walk will lead to your death, do not try and attack trask as you do with others". This startled me and puzzled me at the same time. How has she seen me fight before? How was she watching? And was Trask that deadly of a combatant?

Trask and I will see each other face to face. True my path is set, be it death or glory, i will fight with honor. I will fight with true determination of one that fights for truth and justice. Trask will meet my blade. Altua guide me and see me through til the end. If this is my fate, i shall not run from it. My only wish is my companions finish what i have started.



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