Daishichi no Daimyo: The Seven Great Lords of Honshu

Daishichi no Daimyo: The Seven Great Lords of Honshu



Here I have compiled a general overview of the seven lords who rule over the island-country of Honshu, far to the East of Vilholm. The bits of folklore describing the aspects of these lords were originally commissioned by Kin no Daimyo, the Golden Lord (thus the glowing description). The Great Lords rule over lands which each contain a dozen or more minor Lords who serve them.

In Honshu, I understand that it is common for the Great Lords to relate current events and history to their people in the form of tales which emphasize the infallibility of the ruling class. They are said to be immortal, with god-like powers that they use to both protect the people which they rule over, and to mete punishment to those who go against their rule. I have not yet been able to determine where the truth lies in these legends, but suffice it to say that it is more than mere stories which causes the subjects of the lords of Honshu to cower in fear and respect at the mere mention of their liege. Note that the introduction paragraph states that “_all who live under their rule _” are happy and healthy; while this is meant to convey good feeling to those who hear it, it contains a subtle threat to those who oppose the rule of the Lords.

The entries contained herein denote:

  • Name: the name by which each Lord (or Lady) is called in their native tongue (the Trade Common translation is addressed in the body of the entry)
  • Patron: the Patron Deity of the Lord. These deities are said to have granted each Lord some special knowledge or power, which exceeds mortal capacity in some way.
  • Region: the name of the Region of Honshu over which the Lord rules.
  • Folklore: the common description of the Lord, as told by the writer Toshyori Tanaka. Toshiyori-sama was the first of the great Legend-writers employed by Daishichi no Daimyo, and it is said that he was retained and given the gift of long life for 150 years to chronicle their tales. Since then, the position of Densetsu no Sakka (Legend Writer) has been passed to a new hand every 50 or so years.

The Lords

On the island of Honshu in the Far East, there live Daishichi no Daimyo; the Seven Great Lords. These Lords rule over all of Honshu, and within their vast holdings all who live under their rule are happy and healthy.

Name: Mizu no Daimyo
Region: Hinomoto
Folk knowledge: The Lady of the Water is the loveliest woman in Honshu, who lives high atop a mountain near a great pure-water spring, and plays beautiful music on her Gottan, which is said to have been delivered unto her by the Goddess Benzaiten. Her Gottan is strung with her long, flowing hair, and the music that it produces strikes the very souls of those who hear it. Her subjects are legendary artisans, who create the most beautiful paintings, and sing the most well-known songs in the country. Both the bounty of the spring and the beauty of her music flow into the valley below, granting joy and good cheer to all who live there.

Name: Tsuchi no Daimyo
Patron: HOTEI
Region: Mizuho
Folk knowledge: The Lord of the Earth is the fat and happy Master of the Valley. All who live under his rule feast equally on the music flowing down from Hinomoto, and the abundant harvest of the fields where his farmers toil. Those who live within his holding are fat and content, having plenty to eat and wanting little more; those who live without are still amply supplied from the great lord’s storehouses of rice and grain.

Name: Tetsu no Daimyo
Region: Yamatai
Folk knowledge: The Lord of Iron lives on the other side of the great valley, in the Iron Mountains. His subjects are the strongest in the land; they toil in the mines for precious iron ore; they smelt the ore, and use hammer and tong to craft it into the strongest weapons in all of Honshu; they train with those weapons, forging their bodies into weapons of their own. It is even said that some of the greatest of the Iron Warriors consume the ore mined in those mountains, becoming Ikite iru tetsu, Living Iron. With Tetsu no Daimyo as an ally, no other Lords in Honshu dare oppose Daishichi no Daimyo; all are safe, under his protection.

Name: Chouju no Daimyo
Region: Fuso
Folk knowledge: The Lord of Long Life, lives in the forests and foothills, east of the Iron Mountains. He is the oldest and most respected of the great lords, though he has the least material wealth. Whereas the other lords rule primarily over people, the Lord of Long Life rules mostly over the animals in his dominion, with a few monasteries under his tutelage being the only humans in his domain. It is said that Chouju no Daimyo hold the secret to eternal life, and that he has a healing power which can revive the dead. Folk from all over Honshu come to the Fuso monasteries to benefit from his monks’ healing and sage advice.

Name: Toshiyori no Daimyo
Region: Fuso
Folk knowledge: The Old Lord was a student of Chouju no Daimyo, and also holds the secret of long life, though he does not have the restorative powers of his former master. He rules over the plains which stretch east of his senpai’s domain, all the way to the seaside hills. All of the people in the Old Lord’s domain are healthy and long-lived, but the majority are elderly, and fear change. As such, Toshiyori no Daimyo is ever in favor of protecting the status quo.

Name: Funanori no Daimyo
Patron: EBISU
Region: Shikishima
Folk knowledge: The Seafaring Lord rules over the Shikishima district, and is lord to fishermen and sailors, who bring plentiful meat to the other six great lords and their people. The Seafaring Lord is one of the wealthiest of the Seven Great Lords, and had a strong trade alliance with Kin no Daimyo, the Golden Lord.

Name: Kin no Daimyo
Region: Shikoku
Folk knowledge: The Golden Lord is the youngest of the Seven Great Lords; it is said that he lives on hills made of gold. As such, he is the wealthiest lord in the land. He holds a fortune so vast that the gold in his storehouses amounts to more than that of the rest of the lords combined. Even so, he iss a generous and kind lord. All who live in his holding, even the workers who toil in his mines, have wealth greater than that of most of the people in Honshu. Kin no Daimyo often does business with Funanori no Daimyo, and started the business of importing exotic goods to sell to the great lords and well-to-do of Honshu.

Daishichi no Daimyo: The Seven Great Lords of Honshu

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