Thyatian Steel


Thyatian Steel is a form of metal that was forged in the days of the mighty Thyatian Empire. Alloying Thyatian Steel utterly ruins it; it cannot be combined with other materials (through the material composite enhancement, by example). Thyatian Steel items are very light and only weigh 25% of an item’s original weight. Items made out of Thyatian Steel count as both Adamantine and Mithral. Thyatian Steel does not rust and appears to be unaffected by age, thus it cannot be magically rusted or it hardness decreased. Finally, when fashioned into bladed weapons, the steel can hold an especially keen edge, remaining sharp forever without the need for honing.

Aside from its sharpness, Thyatian Steel is recognizable by its strength and light weight in comparison to ordinary steel, as well as by a distinctive rippled pattern visible in blades made from it. Since the destruction of Thyatis, the majority of the surviving Thyatian Steel weapons serve as heirlooms in the various noble Houses of Valitaine, particularly in the East Reign. Some Thyatian Steel weapons can be found in other great noble lines in Princiterra that trace their progenitors all the way back to the days of the Great Empire and have been able to keep possession; these are few and far between.

Thyatian Steel possesses properties which makes it ideal for weapon making, treat it as both an Adamantine and Mithral weapon. A Thyatian Steel weapon possesses incredible potency, its critical hit threat and multiplier increase by 1 (to a maximum of x5), this effect is applied after other effects which affect the weapon’s critical hit ability (such as the Improved Critical feat). A Thyatian Steel projectile weapon also has its range increased by 50%, which stacks with any ability which also increases its range.

When applied to the construction of armor or shield it grants great flexibility and protection. A Thyatian Steel armor or shield counts as Adamantine and Mithral. The damage reduction granted by the armor and shield stack with each other and other permanent sources of DR. Thyatian Steel armor also greatly lessens otherwise fatal blows, attacks with extra multiples of damage are reduced by one multiple (such as a ×3 critical hit becoming a ×2 critical hit). Attacks that grant extra physical damage dice reduce the extra dice by half (so a rogue with 4d6 sneak attack deals 2d6 sneak attack instead but extra [Fire] damage dice from a flaming weapon would not).

Though the art of creating and forging new Thyatian Steel, and those who knew the art, are lost to the ages, there are a few lines of master craftsmen who have passed down the art of RE-forging Thyatian Steel (melting down existing Thyatian Steel weapons and making new ones from that) from master to apprentice for the last thousand years. They are very few and far between, but if someone acquires a Thyatian Steel item, can track down one of these masters, AND has the coin to pay them, that person may be able to have a custom Thyatian Steel weapon crafted. Thyatian Steel is ridiculously hard to work with; double the craft DC of any item made of Thyatian Steel and increase the craft DC further by +15. Only the most talented of craftsmen can hope to work with the material. Thyatian Steel is always masterwork.



  • +3 inherent bonus
  • Bypasses 1 hardness on targets with a hardness DR
  • Bypasses Adamantine and Cold Iron DR
  • Adds 1 to critical threat range of weapon
  • Adds 1 to critical multiplier
  • A Thyatian Item itself receives +5 to all saves in addition to any granted from enchantment
  • Thyatian Steel has 60 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 25. Thyatian Steel quarters all electric and cold damage, and takes half damage from acid, fire, force, and sonic.
  • Takes enchantment easier. (reduce costs for enchantment by 50%)
  • Thyatian Steel is not instantly destroyed by disintegrate or similar effects, but it is still damaged (hardness applies).

Thyatian Steel

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